The main areas of activity of  Mevolmet OÜ are the covering, dressing, brushing and polishing of metal surfaces, as well as the cleaning and finishing of various types of metal structures. In addition to the above, we also offer the service of measuring (checking) metal hardness and draw up documentation deriving thereof.

Using our professional skills and knowledge and constantly renewing technology allows us to offer a faster and much more
convenient work process. Our work is mostly handmade which means that it's impossible to find from someone who hasn't
mastered this speciality. Our employees have also taken the necessary courses to use a variety of cleaning supplies and
products for metal. They have also taken courses for workplace safety and have also got the work safety cards that are valid in the EU.

In co-operation with partners, the company operates in various countries in Scandinavia and in the Baltic Sea Region. To date, we have only offered our services in the field of medicine to various large companies that are active abroad; however from now on, we are also offering our services on the domestic market , in Estonia.

The main production of  Mevolmet OÜ takes place in Rae vald, Patika, Ädala-Töökoja.

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